Jacqui Allen arrived on Gili Air in August of 2014, in September 2014 she completed her level 1 Freediver course and immediately fell in love with the sport. After which she took part in the Advanced Freediver Course and continued to Master level, proving herself a very strong and competent freediver. 

Jacqui wanted to share her passion for freediving and, in May 2015, completed her instructor course. Since then Jacqui has gone on to certify over 75 very happy students. 

Below are just some of the student feedback:

"I'm (well, maybe was?!) a scuba diver and thought that this kind of diving would be the best - till i did the freediving course with Jacqui!
All thumbs up!!! It was so awesome!
I highly recommend this course and the instructors! The lessons in classroom were so interresting and the dives great and everything's so relaxed. It's soooo worth it! Also the static course is great! "
"I didn't know much about freediving when I signed up for the 2-day-beginner course with Jacqui and have been fascinated with freediving ever since. Jacqui is an eloquent instructor, and I felt I was in very good hands during my dives. The breathing exercises and techniques she taught me have proved useful since. I feel more comfortable underwater now and was able to freedive with the manta rays the week after in Komodo. Highly recommended."
"I had a great two day course with Jacqui on Gili Air. I never thought I could dive that deep just holding my breath but with Jacqui's advice and her calm and supportive personality it all seemed easy and comfortable. I felt safe and relaxed all the time and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Blue Marine Dive Center is a great place with an easy-going atmosphere. That class room right next to the beach just can't be beaten. :) Big thumbs up!"